Blessed Generation

Ria Fennema settled permanently in Kenya in 2001 from Hurdegaryp in Dutch Friesland to take over an orphanage in Ruiru, near Nairobi. In 2004 Ria's husband Fester Medendorp came to Kenya. Together they further expanded the aid to underprivileged children. Blessed Generation's aid programs are now running at 3 locations in Kenya. Ria and Fester have two children.

Together with about 90 qualified Kenyan employees, Ria and Fester are committed to giving more than 800 vulnerable children a chance again. This is done in close cooperation with the Kenyan Child Protection Agency.

For whom

Blessed Generation preferably tries to help children and their carers in their home situation so that children can grow up in their own environment. The child and the parent or guardian will receive medical care if necessary. We also help families with their basic needs such as housing and food.

Our mission

Blessed Generation gives children in need a chance for a good future. Education plays an important role in our aid. It is the key to the future. Blessed Generation offers children primary and secondary education and, where possible, supports vocational or university training.

What we do

We educate more than 800 children (from kindergarten to university), partly through our own primary and secondary schools. This includes financing school books and uniforms, a feeding program at all BG locations and an outreach program for families in need.

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"I like singing very much and dancing.When i grow up i want to be a doctor so that i can treat people and create awareness on how to live healthy."


"I like cooking during my free time. When i grow up i want to be a bank manager."


"I like playing foot ball. I want to be a pilot when i grow up to inspire more young people in our village."


"I like playing football with girls in our village. When i grow up i would like to be a policewoman, so that i can i can stand for justice."


"I like athletics so much and playing football so that i can keep fit.When i grow up i want to be an accountant."


"I like making new friends and learning new things. When i grow up i want to be a nurse to take care of the sick people and give them hope"


"I like playing football with my friends in school. When i grow up i want to a mechanic of repairing motor vehicles."


"I like reading story books and helping my father at home. I want to be a journalist when i grow up to report news."


"I am in the scouts club,when i grow up i want to be a policeman,so that i can serve my country and provide security to the vulnerable communities."