The UP4S Foundation

In 2003 the UP4S foundation was founded by Sylvia Mbabazi to help underprivileged children in Uganda.

Sylvia grew up in Bukomansimbi herself and has lived in the Netherlands since 1997. Sylvia herself was fortunate to have had a good primary and secondary education, but this was not the case for many of her fellow villagers. Together with a number of volunteers, it was decided to give underprivileged children in Bukomansimbi and the surrounding area a chance for good education. This is how the UP4S foundation was created (read: 'up for us', which means as much as 'stand up for us').

In 2006 the primary school, called Kidsgear, was opened. At Kidsgear, pre-primary and primary education is provided in 9 groups. Classes of a maximum of 35 children are taught.

UP4S felt that it could not abandon the children at the age of 12/13, if they left primary school, and has chosen to offer the necessary further education. For this purpose, a start was made in 2011 with the secondary school “HOYS College” which stands for Hope Of Youth.

For whom

We help Ugandan orphaned and underprivileged children from 3 to 18 years old by offering them a warm home and a good education. UP4S has a primary and a secondary school in the village of Bukomansimbi, where many of the children come from.

Our mission

We strive to give the children as much practical knowledge as possible so that they can take good care of themselves later on. An important starting point is that we want to educate the children into young people who are proud of their own country and who also know how to (survive) live here.

What we do

The emphasis at the UP4S schools is on development-oriented education. The child comes first. We work from the Ugandan culture and this is clearly noticeable in subjects such as drama, music and dance.

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Jazmine Moureen

"I enjoy singing and dancing. I also like watching cartoons and playing with my friends especially when we are at school. My dream is to become a musician so that i can sing for people to make them happy. Singing brings me joy."


"I like singing and dancing. In addition to that, I enjoy riding bicycles with my friends. My dream is to become a doctor so that I can treat sick people,whether they are able to pay for treatment or not."


"I love reading story books and playing football. In addition I like the english lessons at school because they help me develop my reading skills. My dream is to become a doctor so as to treat people and care for the sick."


"I like playing football with my friends. I also enjoy athletics. My dream is to be a farmer, so that I can have enough food at home and also help those that may not have what to eat."


"I like digging when I am at home. When at school, I love playing football with my friends. My dream is to become a doctor so that I can be able to save people's lives where possible."


"I like singing and dancing. I also enjoy cooking much."


"I like playing football and telling stories. I enjoy the football training sessions with our football coach. I dream of becoming a professional football coach so that I can also help young people to develop their talents in football."