08 Sep 2009
"Vamsi loves playing cricket and football. Later, he would like to become a police officer to be able to help others in need."

- Vamsi

My story

Vamsi's parents are very poor and live on a little vegetable that they sell along the way. Vamsi's father is unable to work because he is very ill. Because of the poverty, Vamsi has no chance to go to school or develop. The parents have asked Pastor Abraham to take him into the home, so that poverty can be broken and Vamsi gets hope for the future.

Why Vamsi needs our help

Thanks to sponsorship, Vamsi can go to school and build a hopeful future.

Vamsi is supported by impact partner Save the Unsaved (Abraham)

What does a day look like: From five to six o'clock in the morning there is a morning prayer together. At six o'clock the children go to wash and dress, after which they have breakfast together at seven. Between eight and nine o'clock the children go to study, then they go to school until 12 o'clock. At twelve o'clock they have an hour's lunch break. School starts again at 1 p.m. and ends at four p.m. At the end of the afternoon, they have time to relax. Then they all gather to pray together, after which they eat together. From eight to nine o'clock there is time for homework. And then that day is over and they go to bed. Project information: The project in India that your sponsor child is part of is located in Tenali. It is a children's home where about 50 children currently live. The home was founded in 2000 by Pastor Abraham Kuchipudi. He is the founder of Save the Unsaved Ministries; a ministry aimed at reaching the lost in India. In 2000, he began taking care of children for the first time. At first there were four, but soon that number grew. The goal of the children's home is to give the children a safe home, where they receive healing and restoration and can thus blossom into strong, independent individuals who are rooted in the love of Jesus. Your support provides your sponsor child with daily food, education and school materials, housing and medical care, so that the children have a great future perspective and they can realize their dream.

Sponsor Vamsi

As a guardian you help Vamsi and other children within the program of Save the Unsaved (Abraham). Thanks to your contribution and that of the other guardians, the children are helped with proper nutrition, tutoring, sports and personal development. This gives them a chance at a hopeful future.
Sponsor Vamsi