31 Dec 2001
"She has a huge sense of humor and makes everyone laugh. Mercy will not be able to live on her own and will have to stay in the home forever for as long as possible. Keep that in mind if you are going to sponsor her. Your help is greatly appreciated!"

- Mercy

My story

Mercy joined the project when she was about 11 years old. Her age has been estimated, so she came in without a name and has been given the name Mercy. Mercy was found on the street in Yei, her mother left her, she was mentally ill. Now that Mercy lives in the children's home in Uganda, she is very happy and has a lot of energy! Mercy has a form of autism. and probably ADHD.

Why Mercy needs our help

Thanks to sponsorship, Mercy can live and be accompanied in the home and has a safe and pleasant home for the rest of her life.

Mercy is supported by impact partner Iris Ministries Sudan/Oeganda

What a day looks like: In Uganda, the day starts early. Together they have breakfast with bread and tea, after which the children go to school. After school there is time to relax, play games and do homework. In the evening, all the children come together to eat and pray. Dinner usually consists of rice, beans, and vegetables. And once a week the children get chicken and once a week they get fish. On Wednesday afternoons and Friday evenings, the children come together for worship, teaching and prayer. Project information: The project in Uganda where your sponsor child is staying is part of Iris Ministries. This falls under the branch of Iris Ministries Mozambique, founded by Roland and Heidi Baker. Iris Ministries is now based in Uganda but originally started in Sudan in 2006. Because war broke out here and the situation was no longer safe for the children, all the children fled to Uganda (Luwero) under the leadership of Carolyn Figlioli (director) where they now officially live. Within the project, 135 children are under Carolyn's care. Together with 23 other caregivers, she ensures that the project keeps running. The older children go to boarding school, which is mandatory in Uganda. Here they stay internally, during the holidays they return to the children's home or visit family. Your support provides your sponsor child with daily food, education and school materials, housing and medical care, so that the children have a great future perspective and they can realize their dream.

Sponsor Mercy

As a guardian you help Mercy and other children within the program of Iris Ministries Sudan/Oeganda. Thanks to your contribution and that of the other guardians, the children are helped with proper nutrition, tutoring, sports and personal development. This gives them a chance at a hopeful future.
Sponsor Mercy