24 Nov 2010
"Lina is a very happy girl who loves singing, dancing and playing with her friends. She want to be a lawyer. "

- Lina

My story

Lina lost her way home when she was 4 years old. The police transfered her to our children home. It is a joy to have her with us!

Why Lina needs our help

Thanks to sponsorship, Lina can grow up in a loving environment, go to school and build a hopeful future.

Lina is supported by impact partner Iris Min. Machava Mozambique

What a day looks like: In Mozambique, the day starts early. Together they have breakfast with bread and tea, after which the children go to school. The older children stay in the children's village where they help with various chores. When the other children come back from school, they also help with the various chores. Many children also accompany hired workers in the children's village, such as farmers and painters to practice the trade they are learning. Of course, there is also time to relax, play games and do homework. In the evening, all the children come together to eat and pray. Dinner usually consists of rice, beans, and vegetables. Once a week the children get chicken and once a week they get fish. On Wednesday afternoons and Friday evenings, the children come together for worship, teaching and prayer. Project Information: The project in Mozambique where your sponsor child is staying is part of Iris Ministries. Iris Ministies was founded in 1980 by Roland and Heidi Baker. For years they traveled the world as missionaries. Day in and day out, they witnessed the poverty and need in the world. In 1995 Roland and Heidi decided to move permanently to Mozambique and take care of the many street children in Mozambique. Since then, they have opened several children's villages in this country. The Machava Children's Village was one of the first children's projects they started. The Children's Village is managed by Jesse and Raquel Braga. In total, there are almost a hundred children in the village. A nice anecdote is that the leaders in the Machava Children's Village were taken care of by Roland and Heidi Baker twelve years ago in the same Children's Village. Your support provides your sponsor child with food, school and teaching materials, housing and medical care, so that the children have a great future perspective and they can realize their dream.

Sponsor Lina

As a guardian you help Lina and other children within the program of Iris Min. Machava Mozambique. Thanks to your contribution and that of the other guardians, the children are helped with proper nutrition, tutoring, sports and personal development. This gives them a chance at a hopeful future.
Sponsor Lina