13 Mar 2008
"I like drawing and dancing. I dream of visiting Sweden or another country, because I have not gone anywhere further than Belarus."

- Kristina

My story

We have four children in my family.

Why Kristina needs our help

Because of the bad financial situation of the family, her family was recognized as socially in a dangerous situation with her own health and progress at risk. Krisrina needs help with seasonal clothing and shoes, personal hygiene items and checking the condition of her teeth.

Kristina is supported by impact partner HOP Centre

HOP (House of Peace) is a non-profit organization with the goal of giving hope in hopeless situations. Alcoholism is one of the biggest problems in Belarus. Alcoholism brings violence, immorality, addiction, and poverty into the families. We help those children in the families who no longer have hope for the future. With HOP Kids, they offer after-school care and care for children who come from a dangerous social environment.

Sponsor Kristina

As a guardian you help Kristina and other children within the program of HOP Centre. Thanks to your contribution and that of the other guardians, the children are helped with proper nutrition, tutoring, sports and personal development. This gives them a chance at a hopeful future.
Sponsor Kristina