26 Jun 2006
"I like playing football with girls in our village. I want to be a busness lady in our community when i grow up."

- Fikiri
Let op: de onderstaande verhalen zijn nog in het Engels, doordat deze worden opgevoerd door onze impact partners die de kinderen help op lokatie. Er wordt gewerkt aan de mogelijkheid om vertalingen te tonen.

Mijn verhaal

My name is Fikiri and am 16 years old. I come from a family of 4 boys and 5 girls. My father is serving a life jail term in prison. He had married 3 wives. I was left under the care of second wive who is our step mother after the death of my biological mother. Our step mother abandoned us went away and left behind her daughter. Currently i live with my youngest step mother. We were chased from our original home and we had to move to my fraternal uncles place.Our houses were burnt down and we were threatened not to go back. I was enrolled at Blessed Generation primary school and i am in grade four. I am happy because at blessed Generation i was given a chance to go back to school and chase my dream. I am given three meals a day something that had never happened in my home. I get breakfast,tea break and Lunch during the normal school days and i also get food after every two weeks.

Waarom Fikiri onze hulp nodig heeft

Fikiri needs our help because she comes from a very destitute family. No one is ready to assist her because her mother passed away. One of her step mother abandoned her. The youngest step mother accepted her but is not able to provide basic necessities to all family members. She does manual job, which most of time is not available to cater for all the children. Due to low income, Fikiri and her siblings were out of school after their father was jailed. They used to Have 1 meal a day at times they could sleep hungry. For clothing, they depended on well wishers. After assessing the situation at home. Blessed Generation enrolled Fikiri together with her siblings in our primary school. where we cater for all of her education need including full school uniform and she receives good medical when need rises.

Fikiri wordt geholpen door impact partner Blessed Generation

Onderwijs is de sleutel Onderwijs speelt een belangrijke rol in onze hulp. Het is de sleutel naar de toekomst. Blessed Generation biedt kinderen basis- en vervolgonderwijs en ondersteunt waar mogelijk het volgen van een beroeps- of universitaire opleiding. We kiezen er heel bewust voor na de lagere school niet te stoppen met ondersteuning. Vervolgonderwijs en gedegen sociaal emotionele begeleiding door onze gekwalificeerde social workers vergroot de mogelijkheden van een kwetsbaar kind aanzienlijk en vermindert risico's als criminaliteit, radicalisering en tienerzwangerschappen. Lees meer over Blessed Generation 

Sponsor Fikiri

Als guardian help je Fikiri en andere kinderen binnen het programma van Blessed Generation. Dankzij jouw bijdrage en die van de andere guardians worden de kinderen geholpen met juist voeding, bijles, sport en persoonlijke ontwikkeling. Hierdoor geef je ze een kans op een hoopvolle toekomst.
Word Fikiri's guardian