05 May 2015
"Chonthicha is a smart girl, doing well in school, but of course due to her age has no idea what she futurewise would like to do."

- Chonthicha

My story

Chonthicha's mother is in prison for drug smuggling and will stay here for years to come. Her old and very poor grandmother is unable to provide in what is needed, so Chonthica was taken into our Baan Zion village project. By our financial support she can go to school, has food, clothing, healthcare and protection against abuse.

Why Chonthicha needs our help

Because Chonthica is taken into the care of Baan Zion she has the opportunity to work towards a better life.

Chonthicha is supported by impact partner Baan Zion ZCCT

What does a day look like: The kids get up at 5:30 a.m. They take a shower, get breakfast, and get ready for school. The school is from 7:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. After school, the children take a shower and there is time to play outside with the other children or play games, the older children do their homework. Then they get hot food and there is time for a story or watching a movie. At 19:00 they go to bed. On weekends there are joint activities. Project information: The ZCCT Foundation was founded in 2002 in Thailand. In this country, hundreds of children are innocently imprisoned because they were there when their mothers were arrested. These children are mainly from the Thai population who live in the mountains. However, these people are not seen as Thais and have no status and therefore no identity according to the law. They are a poor people and the woman is often used to smuggle opium, for example, in order to have some financial security. When she is arrested, she ends up in prison without mercy, sometimes her child is there or her child has been left behind in the mountain village. The foundation has started a day center for the children who are innocently in prison. However, this has grown into a shelter in Chiangrai where the children live internally. Your support contributes to housing, food, clothing and school costs so that the children can develop into responsible, independent individuals who can make a positive contribution to their living environment. Baan Zion also supports children who have stayed behind in the villages with family or acquaintances. Since the family is financially and emotionally unable to take care of these children, Baan Zion contributes to this through sponsorship. Your support ensures that your sponsor child can go to school, have enough food and can build her future.

Sponsor Chonthicha

As a guardian you help Chonthicha and other children within the program of Baan Zion ZCCT. Thanks to your contribution and that of the other guardians, the children are helped with proper nutrition, tutoring, sports and personal development. This gives them a chance at a hopeful future.
Sponsor Chonthicha