08 Jan 1999
"I love to study and gather new knowledge from my friends and teachers. I love exploring new things. I love singing and listening music also. It really makes me happy and forgetting all the trouble and hardship of life. I also love to do stitching work specially kneading. With this creativity I like to make new things and decorate my surroundings."

- Basanti
Let op: de onderstaande verhalen zijn nog in het Engels, doordat deze worden opgevoerd door onze impact partners die de kinderen help op lokatie. Er wordt gewerkt aan de mogelijkheid om vertalingen te tonen.

Mijn verhaal

I have no father and mother. I really miss them and their guidance. But when I am in school my teachers really guide me to make proper decision in my difficult time. I and my two brothers and two sisters are living with my brother in law. And I consider them as my guardians. My brothers are working as daily labourers and trying their best to support our family. I stay in the hostel of the bind school from my childhood.

Waarom Basanti onze hulp nodig heeft

The Blind School is really helping her a lot by providing all her necessity of education and other requirements the day she has joined, but since she has no parents it’s always challenging for her to fulfil her dream. She wants to study more and be a good human being. She has no such financial support; it’s our moral responsibility to stand beside her family and help her to achieve her goal to make her a responsible human being.

Basanti wordt geholpen door impact partner NELC School for blind

The NELC school for blind is located at located in the KOCH BIHAR district of West Bengal. We help blind children towards a hopeful future by schooling them so that they can support themselves in an adult age. Lees meer over NELC School for blind 

Sponsor Basanti

Als guardian help je Basanti en andere kinderen binnen het programma van NELC School for blind. Dankzij jouw bijdrage en die van de andere guardians worden de kinderen geholpen met juist voeding, bijles, sport en persoonlijke ontwikkeling. Hierdoor geef je ze een kans op een hoopvolle toekomst.
Word Basanti's guardian