Our partners

We do not make the difference alone. We really need everyone for that, so that all children get the same chance at that hopeful future. We are grateful to be able to work with partners who contribute to that future based on their own knowledge, passion and expertise. Together we are strong!

Investing for a future

Jager Financieel Advies makes a major investment in time, knowledge and financial resources to help underprivileged children towards that important hopeful future.

Woodstep (co-)develops

Woodstep has made a great contribution in recent years by making the time and knowledge of its developers available. As a result, we have made great steps with the Nofam shop and website.

Design with impact!

From Epicz, Marcel Guis contributes with his design talents. His knowledge and passion ensures that the site and our folders make the online visual impact that is needed to make the impact for children offline.

Phones for a future

Just Phones Sales has a warm heart for underprivileged children and is committed by donating part of its sales proceeds to help them towards a hopeful future.

Building towards a future

Jan Aolbert has made a large donation of surplus store stock. By selling these products through the Nofam shop, Jan Aolbert is literally and figuratively helping to build a hopeful future.

Impactful ideas to life

Through Hollie's Hub for Good from Digital Ocean we are supported with budget for the infrastructure on which our Nofam servers run. This under the motto of "Bringing impactful ideas to life".

Want to help?

In order to give children a hopeful future, we would also like to work with you. Let us know how you would like to contribute.