Start development Nofam Guardian app

Erik has made a journey offline with Zjenja and experienced what it means to contribute to the well-being and happiness of another. This also enriched his life.

To enrich the lives of other people, we start with the Nofam app. With this, donors, so-called Guardians, are linked to underprivileged children via the foundations. Periodically, the guardians and the children exchange digital updates, whereby the journey Erik has experienced offline is experienced online by the guardians.

In November, Martijn Otter, Senior Product Designer at Thuisbezorgd, will start working on the visual design of the Nofam app. This results in a set of beautiful designs that are used for the development of the app.

On November 12, 4 students will start developing the Nofam app from Saxion Hogeschool in Enschede. This from a study project in which the students in a project group have a customer for 8 weeks