HOP Centre

The HOP (House of Peace) Foundation was established in 2018, in Kobrin Belarus, as a successor to the Gichon Foundation. After the proverbial key transfer from Gichon founder Erik Jager to the new social driver Peter Yurasevich, the HOP has continued to flourish.

Twice a week, about 50 children come to a warm and safe place to eat, do homework, play and develop creatively.

With this initiative, HOP offers great opportunities to people in need and children who find themselves in a dangerous social situation.

With access to the right resources, children can be empowered by their own abilities and given the confidence to reach their potential.

For whom

Alcoholism is one of the biggest problems in Belarus. Alcoholism carries violence, immoral behavior, addiction and poverty in the families. We help those children in families who no longer have hope for the future.

Our mission

Our goal is to provide a safe and warm place for children to have a hot meal, do homework and develop talents. That's why building at the HOP center. Every child, regardless of their past, needs to know that there is hope!

What we do

We help our children with their homework and make sure they get healthy meals. Their talents are developed through dance, singing and drawing. All this in a warm and loving environment.

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" I study at a music school, I love programming, I am fond of football. The leaders at the HOP say that I am outgoing, friendly and love helping my mom around the house and in the HOP when I go there. I dream of skydiving and going on a plane."


"I study vocals at a music school. I love playing football. I dream of singing professionally and performing on stage."


"Hi šŸ‘‹ My name is Mark, Iā€˜ m 11 y.o. I like blogging and dream to be a famous one. šŸ˜Ž Also I like to spend time with my friends, play games on my phone. "


"I like reading, hanging out with friends and I am keen on playing volleyball and football. My dream is to enter the Cadet boarding school and Suvorov Military School. After that I want to learn to become a priest."


"I am keen on beatbox, workouts, boxing, music, HOP, basketball, football, tennis, volleyball, athletics and weightlifting. My friends and relatives say that I am cheerful, friendly and always ready to help especially my relatives at home and at HOP. My dream is to travel the world."


"I love to ride a bike, I love to repair something, to study everything related to construction, I help my mother with the housework. Mom says that I am kind, friendly, sympathetic, support in difficulties I dream of becoming a programmer."


"Hi šŸ‘‹ My name is Kseniya, Iā€™m 13 years old. I love sport games, preparing food and taking care of people and little kids. Since 2021 I met cool friends and visit kids centre House of Peace (HOP) in my city. I enjoy time with other kids there. "


"I like doing crafts. I dream about roller skates. Toys bring me joy. I also like travelling."


"I am responsible and support others in difficulties. I also help my mom with the work at home. My dream is to build a beautiful house and make a design."