20 Jan 2017
"I like playing with my friends and helping my mother with work at home. I also enjoy singing and dancing. Playig with my friends during games makes me happy. My dream is to become a pilot. I always want to know how an aeroplane is able to fly in the space."

- Anthony
Let op: de onderstaande verhalen zijn nog in het Engels, doordat deze worden opgevoerd door onze impact partners die de kinderen help op lokatie. Er wordt gewerkt aan de mogelijkheid om vertalingen te tonen.

Mijn verhaal

I live in a family of four children. We stay with our mother in a house she rents. She grows some few food crops on a piece of land she rents. My father lives in another distant village where he does peasant farming. He grows some crops for food and sells what remains. We see our father when he visits us during the holidays.

Waarom Anthony onze hulp nodig heeft

Anthony came to UP4S in 2021 being brought by his mother. Being the last born of the four children, the mother explained that she wanted him to have a better foundation for his education and she felt he would get it from here. She requested to be allowed to provide the littel she could for the child and the project helps with the rest due to parents jot having stable income sources. Anthony was allowed itno the project after all the explanations from the mother.

Anthony wordt geholpen door impact partner UP4S

UP4S is located at Bukomansimbi, Uganda. During the school term, the project takes care of children in different classes in continuing with their education and also provides other basic needs like food,health and scholastic materials. Lees meer over UP4S 

Sponsor Anthony

Als guardian help je Anthony en andere kinderen binnen het programma van UP4S. Dankzij jouw bijdrage en die van de andere guardians worden de kinderen geholpen met juist voeding, bijles, sport en persoonlijke ontwikkeling. Hierdoor geef je ze een kans op een hoopvolle toekomst.
Word Anthony 's guardian